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My Gift To My Mom Begins Here!

My mom is my absolute number 1.  Hands down, no competition!  She is my greatest fan, advocate, support, supplier, and inspiration.  At times my shoulder to cry on, my encouragement to keep on, my crutch to lean on, and at nearly 34 years old, she is still my favorite lap to sit on.  She is the woman who took turns sitting by the hour when my adopted son screamed for hours, rocking him and singing endless rounds of lullabies.  Years later, she took turns bouncing my colicky newborn and again singing endless rounds of lullabies to her namesake.  Through thick and thin, she has always been by my side.  Only occasionally does she not have time for my brood and I to come have breakfast with her.  Rarely does an entire day go by that we do not share something with each other.  She tolerates and often goes along with my many hair-brained schemes and endless chatter.  She gave me a need to explore this planet, a love of color and beauty, an appreciation for quality, and a devotion to family ties that is becoming rare in this world.  She is the glue that holds our family together, with her boundless love, family dinners, easy laugh, classic style, quick humor, generous spirit, and wealth of sarcasm! I love everything about you Mom, and I hope when I grow up I am just like you!  When recently presented with a perfect opportunity to pick out the perfect gift for you, I just knew it had to be special.  You love surprises but secrets are hard to keep when we live next to each other.  And let’s face it, I am no good at keeping them!  You have often told me how much you love my writing and that I should blog.  So has begun in your honor, this blog’s for you!!!


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