Save money the green way: Garden!

I just closed the freezer door on eight really full bags of green beans. You read that correctly, we will be having green beans from the garden eight times this winter. You know how I like to break things down and really know what I’m doing, so here goes!!! My dad picked a five gallon bucket full of green beans for me to process this morning. This evening, after about four hours of carefully removing strings from the beans, washing them, and chopping them, I blanched, ice water bathed and bagged those beany babies! I am going to estimate the value of my bean bags at $3 each.  That means I just “saved” $24!!!  Dude! How much am I reeling in per hour, seeing as “homesteading” is on my job description right along with duck husbandry, surviving offspring, and schooling the natives!?! By my calculations I just made $6 an hour!  That’s awesome!!! Oh wait, I forgot my overhead.  Gotta subtract the $3 for the pack of organic bean seeds, and I have absolutely no idea how many hours my parents, my husband, and I put into reclaiming the garden and putting up the bean tipi’s and planting. If you removed taxes from my “earnings” I would be truly sunk!  With any luck, we will enjoy an Indian summer and another five gallon pail of green beans to destring.

I actually just discovered this post sitting in my draft pile, half done. Now it is at the tail end of December and it is even more ludicrous! To bring you up to date, after freezing my eight bags of beans, we had green beans for dinner only to find that Princess Piper cannot properly digest green beans!!! At this point in time, I am willing to agree with my mother and proclaim 2013’s garden an epic fail. However, stay tuned for my grandiose plans for 2014!!!


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