When the Tired Can’t Sleep…

I am toying with the idea of writing a User’s Guide to Insomnia.  With loads of experience, I just might have some fresh ideas to share.  My dad has told me for years that the reason I can’t sleep is because I don’t just sleep, or something to that effect.  You just need a schedule.  Go to bed at the same time every night.  Turn the light off.  Don’t watch video’s.  Lie still.  Close your eyes.

How boring! I have tried this technique many times over the years.  I have laid still with my eyes closed for entire nights before, but my mind continued running.  Now, don’t get me wrong and go tell my dad I think his advice is no good!!!  It is sound advice, written up by many people.  Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to combat insomnia.  If your sleep problem has been caused by staying up watching tv too many nights in a row, listen to my dad!!! Go to bed!!!  However, if you go through spells of actual insomnia, read on.

My mind is addicted to thinking (I get that from my dad).  With many long nights to think without distraction, you can end up in strange places.  I choose to get up and do something in order to prevent these visits to unwelcome lands.  I keep a long running list of I wonder’s as well.  So one thing I have been wondering about is this: can you cook white rice in a freezer bag?  You know you have been wondering this too, don’t lie!  I have been working on my freezer bag recipes lately, I keep eying the ten pound bag of white rice I recently added to my home food storage cupboard.  I don’t buy white rice.  I don’t really eat white rice.  But I read about how you shouldn’t rely on brown rice for long term food storage because it will go rancid over time.  I am obedient. I bought a big bag of white rice.  I look at it a lot.  Weird I know, but I am a bit obsessed with preparedness issues.  Not sure why, but I LOVE it.  I buy lots of instant brown rice for my go bag meals and for hiking.  So I keep wondering, what would happen if I just used white rice instead? It cooks so much faster than brown rice does. Its cheaper than instant rice. Hmmmmmm. Tonight is the night to cross it off the “I wonder” list. So I unceremoniously dumped a cup of white rice, some salt, and boiling water into the freezer bag. Put that bag inside of a wool hat. Put that hat inside another hat. This hat oven technique has worked for me on the trail with instant brown rice meals many times. Now I just have to leave it sitting there. I know there are so many practical ways I could spend my sleepless nights. So much I could be accomplishing, but you are likely all sleeping soundly dreaming of rogue unicorns while I am trying to stay out of trouble over here. Really, I want to grab my fire extinguisher and finally satisfy my curiosity. How do you really know it works without a little test run? Shouldn’t I be trained for how to use it in case I actually have an emergency to deal with? What if the pin you pull is jammed? I also wanted to do some boil times with my alcohol stoves but I am out of fuel from the last time I played with them. Thought of reading a book, but I read 50 pages already while waiting for the kids to fall asleep. Thought about laundry, so I folded and put away a few loads and started a new one. Already did the dishes. So don’t judge, lol! Time lapse while I wait for morning……
Ok. Definitely do not have to wonder anymore. Totally did not work. The rice was still warm and is well soaked. But super crunchy. You do not need to google this issue, I tried, it failed. But now I am wondering if it would work in a preheated thermos. Thankfully, insomnia ensures that I will have time to try it and cross this off of my “I wonder” list too.


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  1. You. Me. Dehydration. Parboil the rice and then dehydrate…Here’s to wide awake on a pillow…

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