I’m living life on a large scale! HA!!! Large loads of laundry.  Large stacks of papers.  Large stashes of “stuff”.  Its like Texas over here in my apartment!!!  Its awesome.  OK, so here’s a newsflash: bigger isn’t always better, lol!  Thanks to my mama (have I ever followed “thanks to” with any other name??? I didn’t think so.) I am in the second week of an e-class all about downsizing.  I know, maybe not something you had on your bucket list, but its been on mine for years.  Right next to buy a swamp, sigghhhh…  Anyhow, the first assignment involved a lot of soul searching and dreaming about what I really want out of life and how downsizing can help me get there.  I needed to write a personal manifesto and blog about it for higher accountability.  Without further ado, here is my manifesto:

I am downsizing the material aspects of my life (i.e. clutter, debt, work load…) in order to make more room for living fully.  I am letting go of remnants of past lives and old dreams in order to create new ones.  I am also accepting my limitations and skill level in order to pursue activities that I am better suited for.  I will never be a wool felting, sweater knitting, long haired earth mama.  I will spend more of my energy hiking and exploring, drawing and painting and reading great books with my children.  In the end, I will have a clean home full of beautiful and meaningful things, a place I am happy to wake up in and happy to come home to.  I will be free to pick up and go at a moments notice without a second thought, confident that my home is in order, my finances cared for, and my family happy.  Without debt, we will be free to dream up a new life.  To choose work that will allow us to be together as a family.  We can save up money to find our own neck of the woods.  And not be hampered by conventional loan restrictions or forced to pass up a great opportunity.  Life will be chosen, not merely accepted and tolerated.
There she be.  Like a ship in the night.  Like a feather on a bird.  A hair on a cat.  A bird in the bush.  Snot on a….. OK, OK, I’m done now!

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  1. Jennifer McKissic

    Absolutely fabulous! Porches are great! I’m moving into mine too:-)

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