I Want to Move into My Porch?!?

Funny moment today! I was intently drooling over the plans for a tiny home that I think could work for my family while we buy land (in the future) and put in a well and all those cool things, when suddenly I got the hair brained idea to measure out the size. Jadon and I were laughing quite a bit, that I will tell you right up front. He helped me measure our porch which happens to be just over 7′ wide, it also happens to be about 6′ longer than the tiny house!!! No joke people, I want to move my entire family into my porch. Hmmmmmmm. My camper was 31′ long, more than twice as long as this tiny house! In case you are wanting to see the tiny house plans I keep talking about, head over to http://www.fourlightshouses.com/products/weller and check it out. I bet you wouldn’t picture it being smaller than my porch either! I must now go cook food in my gigantic kitchen and laugh and laugh and laugh!!! Its so crazy, it just might work!



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5 responses to “I Want to Move into My Porch?!?

  1. cynthia toalston

    You might want to save for some curtains first!!!! lol

  2. There’s a question that’s been bothering me about tiny houses. Perhaps you know, or have made arrangements to handle this, but where’s the washer and dryer? Or, perhaps that could be better stated as: how do you do laundry?

    • When we lived our Mallard, we did our laundry at a laundromat. Although, I now see small washer/dryer combo’s in rv’s and tiny homes! I bet if you google it, you will find the links to machines people are using. I don’t know what we will do about laundry yet!

  3. Becky Gibson

    Thank you so much for your humorous entry (I know, I know – I’m drooling over every tiny space I see that could potentially be turned into a tiny house), but a really big THANK YOU for the link to Four Lights houses! Finally, someone who builds a quality product that doesn’t cost $50,000!!!! I am seriously considering the Weller, even tho I have nowhere to put it right now – but I bet I could find a spot if I try hard enough!

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