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For the love of the book!

Night Light Philosophy.

Every night, when the lights go out (and sometimes before) I begin to hear little noises…. And see shadows darting by. Yes. I have mice. Not the pet kind that strange people PAY for at the pet store. Wild ones. They come from unknown lands. And they scamper about, resisting the urge to investigate dabs of peanut butter I casually leave out. Gift offerings we will call them. Thank you gifts perhaps. “Thank you for romping around my 200 year old house, carrying on a timeless tradition.” What is the solution??? Snap traps, don’t work. Live traps, empty. Boxer on standby, I think they have an arrangement of some sort. Dryer sheets under the stove, I think they use them to do their own laundry. Get a cat? Ummm, another dirty critter romping about my house? Pooping in a box and creating fur babies and hair balls??? No. That was a loud NO!!! I have been contemplating ordering that survival sling shot I’ve been wanting for a long time. Fear that I will bean myself as the pellet ricochets off the front of my oven stops me everytime, seems risky to life and limb. It is time to get downright creative. They just might be livestock. We eat mostly organic foods, our dog eats overpriced wild bison and sweet potatoes, and they also enjoy a selection of seeds and grains in our pigeon food. Although my family thinks my talking about wood chucks and raccoons with a culinary slant is strange, according to my research they are traditional table toppers, not to mention hats, scarves, coats, and decorations. I like meat. Mice are made of meat. Seems logical to suppose I am doing a great job as a mouse rancher. And baby, its round up time!!! I have been doing some preliminary research, looking up recipes and the like, and I am not the only person who looks at them as a food source. Check out this well written piece: On the other hand, with a 9 year old boy who eats eggs by the half dozen only to start looking for more, how many mice would it take to make a meal??? This conversation has come full circle for me now. I can see no practical value at this time in mouse ranching, or would it be mice ranching…. Hmmmm, sounds weird. It is time for a bit of night light philosophizing. My favorite time of night. Have you ever read the book Feldman Fieldmouse by Nathaniel Benchley and Hilary Knight? It is unfortunately out of print but you can pick up a copy on amazon for pennies. It is an awesome story. Feldman is a mouse of dreams, he dreams of organizing a huge mass of mice to join together in the light of the full moon to dance with wild abandon. He and his nephew Fendell pull it off. Feldman unfortunately is eaten during his dancing delirium, but you may get swept up in the moment like my kids and I did and find it terribly romantic and exciting. You may never look at mice the same again, especially in the light of the full moon, or during a bit of night light philosophizing! Really, when you boil it all down, kids are messy, dogs are messy, and the mice are by nature obsessive cleaners (think Cinderella, duh!). They are doing me a favor. Thank you mice.


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What to Write About, That is the Question.

  Hi, my name is Julienne and I love the internet.  Feels good to get that off of my chest! I love Netflix, Amazon, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Google (like anyone can truly live without Google!), and BLOGS!!!  I have my go to blogs that I follow regularly.  I love to visit delightfullearning for homeschooling inspiration.  I like Pretty Prudent for ideas and tutorials to make awesome things for babies. Love watching youtube gurus like The Intense Angler as well as Hiram Cook for inspirational projects to build for hiking and camping, oh and Jason Klass. Love his videos too! 

My problem is that my blog seems to have no theme. What should I write about? This is a real problem, I don’t follow theme less blogs, do you?  Of course I Googled my problem and jotted down some tips and pointers.  One tip is make lists of…. Doesn’t matter of what. I love lists, hands down a favorite past time.  Something so satisfying about creating a comprehensive, neat, and orderly list. This strange affinity has not yet increased my productivity, I rarely reference them after making them… I just love a good list (or a neat bar graph).  Anyhow, I got distracted by listing bliss, sorry!  Ok, I’m back on track! Google suggests that I list different topics that I enjoy like hang gliding, waterskiing, spelunking, sleeping inside a dead camel.  Wait!  That is a list of things inspired by watching Bear Gryllis in Man vs. Wild. I had no idea how many places are the LAST place you would ever want to be lost. I am really interested in making hiking/survival gear which is why I watched the show.  Bear sells a large line of survival gear, so far I have only seen him use his knife (to kill a horned viper, skin a goat, butcher a camel, impale a crab, cut a vine, and make eye holes in a T-shirt.) and a sparkie to start a fire for camel steaks.  Now that’s not a menu plan you see often.  Mostly they showed him walking and talking and going down waterfalls on vines, climbing buttresses, and biting the heads off of a wide variety of living insects and animals.  Gross!!!  After he chewed the head off of a frog I decided to switch to youtube for more practical projects.  Projects like turning an altoid tin into a wood stove.  What the heck am I talking about?  Seriously, I have lost track of where I was going other than down this rabbit hole.  Which reminds me of another internet favorite,  Go there with your kids and listen to Natasha bring great classics like Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz to life!  Gosh, I love children’s literature.  I’m sure that should tell me something about my mental state or something but who cares?  A good book is a good book at any age.  Mario is reading the book Far North to Jadon for the second time right now.  It is a much more realistic survival story the Man vs. Wild, just saying.  Scrolling up to figure out where I was originally going…….  List of hobbies and interests, ok.  Children’s literature, survival gear, sewing things for babies, natural medicine, Montessori materials, Waldorf supplies, chalk pastels, zen tangles, homeschooling and unschooling, tea, cooking nutrient dense, sugar and fruit free foods, thinking about doing diy projects from Pinterest.  Being a gypsy in a horse drawn vardo, traveling all over the world and having a grand adventure.   Winnie the Pooh had a grand adventure in the hundred acre wood, A. A. Milne wrote some good stories!  I also have a penchant for composting toilets, worm farming (haven’t tried it yet), square foot gardening, root cellaring (don’t have one), putting together go bags, freezer bag cooking, dehydrators, mini farming, sewing, geocaching (haven’t tried it yet), home renovation, paper bag flooring (haven’t done this), pond life, and finding places that you cannot hear any cars.  That’s all I can think of right now.  Aren’t lists fun? I just discovered the note making feature on my ipad mini, electronic listing. What’s not to love? Ok, I need you to help me out.  What should I blog about???


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