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Adult ADD strikes at night!

No, I have never been tested and diagnosed with ADD, lol! It is just an easier and shorter way to describe an overactive mind that likes to be fully engaged and busy and working, and solving, and inventing all the time. Even though I am living one of my dream lives (subject of a previous post), I find the tasks of sorting laundry and washing people’s hair and cooking eggs and grocery shopping and listening to reading lessons leaves lots of spare room in the ole head for *thinking*. I do truly envy the ability that a few people have of focusing exclusively on the task at hand and using all of their trains of thought to get it done in a timely fashion. Like right this minute for instance, I am enjoying listening to Chopin along with my nice hot tea, and squirming around very close to me is my daughter who needs to fall asleep. She is in her bed, right next to mine….. If I were to shut down the thinker and pretend to sleep while snuggling her, she likely would be asleep. I don’t have time for that people!!! Instead (don’t worry super parents, her head is on my arm. I am half snuggling her) I am plotting out how to turn my 900 square foot apartment into a very large tiny home. “Hmmmmmmmmmm…” you say with your left eyebrow raised quizzically. A 900 square foot tiny house, whatever. My husband (whom I love insanely by the way) doesn’t feel convinced that a tiny home will work so much for him while we are a family of four. He says we are a family of 5 if you count our big Boxer Max. He thinks we would be crowded and won’t have room for coats, talk about crazy!!! Dogs don’t need coats!!! Yeah, ok then. So I have been looking at all the beautiful pictures of tiny houses that I dream of living in and picking out the things I can have in my apartment! Compromise, right?!? Composting toilet, alcohol burning range and oven, a beautiful nook to store every beautiful thing we don’t downsize out the door, custom designed trash and recycling bins, multifunctional hand built furniture, solar power, solar hot water heater, nice floors, beautiful art actually on the walls in frames….. So many things! Oh, and a murphy bed, not because I don’t have room for a regular bed but just because I want one. I found a hardware kit to buy so we can build our own! And, I would really like a wood stove designed for cooking on, maybe even a fancy one with a built in oven!!! How awesome would that be??? Since I don’t actually know anything about building houses of any stature, I think an accessory building project is in order. Our town manager says as long as it is less than 100 square feet and no more than 35 feet tall, I do not need a permit. So, I am thinking of a 3 story 10 x 10 with storage lofts. Would that even stand up? Or would it just fall over like a good game of jenga? What do you think, if you could incorporate tiny house innovation into your current acreage, what would you add or subtract???


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